Hi, This is Ramesh Dontha, Thank you for stopping by. Few details about myself.

I am an entrepreneur, writer, and blogger. You can read all my popular articles published elsewhere here at this link.

Before I got here on my adventurous journey though, I stopped in multiple places along the way. Here is that story.

 I got trained as a Mechanical Engineer and an Industrial Engineer (but never worked for even a single day as either 🙂 ). 

Started my career as a Systems Analyst, traveled in India, Europe, and the USA. After a while, I realized that my passion was elsewhere and got my MBA after leaving that cushy Systems Analyst job. After MBA, worked in Marketing, Product / Project / Program Management, Business Development and Strategic Planning areas for Fortune 100 companies, enjoyed my work, learned a lot,  and traveled the world. As you can see, I paid my dues to the corporate world and worked in few small and large companies in various functions.

Throughout all these years, my dream was always to be an entrepreneur. I started my first business, a tutoring business, just after my undergrad college while waiting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. That venture didn't last long. Since then, I started 4 different companies till now and went through the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, closed a couple of companies, and continued focus on remaining ventures. I currently actively run a strategic management consulting business focusing on data analytics. You can get more information on that at DigitalTransformationPro.Com

I have varied interests in life and I have been writing and blogging on starting businesses, life lessons, midlife career choices, data analytics, data science among many other areas. My articles can be found on various publications on Medium (The Ascent, The Startup, Midlife Survival guide etc.), DataScienceCentral.Com, KDNuggets.Com, TDAN.Com, Dataversity.Net among others (Click on this link to see a list of those articles). I also publish on LinkedIn. I have done podcasts and went on speaking engagements across many areas. 

I believe that life is about having a purpose, being passionate, persevering through testing times and exploring possibilities. I plan to share my experiences and knowledge I acquired over all these years through this web site and my newsletters. 

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I hope you enjoy my articles. Thank you for reading and engaging. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

Ramesh Dontha