Recommended Tools and websites

I am a living laboratory of startup tools. Without exaggerating, I might have easily experimented and played with more than 200 tools over the years for my businesses. As of now, the following are the tools that I recommend. Some of the links below are affiliate links which means that I get a small commission when you purchase those tools but your cost will be the same whether you use these affiliate links or go to their website directly. Thank you in advance if you use the affiliate links to make purchases as those small commissions can keep this website going with free articles and content.

​Here you go.

Web hosting companies

A reliable web host with excellent customer support is extremely important. I can’t emphasize the importance of a dependable web host enough. I went through multiple web hosting companies and I finally settled on these two. I prefer WPengine even though they are more expensive than Inmotion Hosting for a variety of reasons.

WordPress Templates

As many of you know, WordPress is by far the most often used content management system for web sites by solopreneurs and businesses. I have experiemented with numerous WordPress themes and spent thousands of dollars and finally settled on the following themes.


​I spend an inordinate amount of time on training and may be too much. My favorite training site is udemy.com.

​Office supplies and books

​Obviously, there is no other choice (at least for me).

​Books for Entrepreneurship and Journal Writing

​I am an avid reader and if I were to list all my favorite books, I would not have enough space on this web site. But there are two individuals who had a tremendous influence on my business are Tim Ferris and Pat Flynn.

​Legal services (Incorporation and Trademarks)

​Legalzoom is my go-to place for all legal services


Phone and Telecom services

Web design and sales funnel development

Domain registration

I have multiple companies and as such multiple domains. I have been using the following domain registrars since at least 15 years. I do not have a preference for either of these and I don’t think you’ll go wrong with either of them.

There are a lot more tools that I use. I did not want to overwhelm you with many more but I’ll keep adding few more. Come back often to find out.