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15 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

Life as an entrepreneur or solopreneur keeps you busy. Gary Vaynerchuk says that he feels exhausted all of the time, but he can also make all sorts of things happen when putting in 18 hours days.

We all work in different ways. Time keeps ticking for all of us as well. When you have these time management tips providing structure for your day, then it becomes possible to maximize your success.

Best Tips for Time Management

1. Get Started

Most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs never get out of the starting gate. They either wait for the perfect time, want to complete a product before launch, or come up with some other excuse. You can never reach the finish line if you are unwilling to take the first step.

2. Create Priority Management Systems

Instead of trying to complete multiple tasks simultaneously, you can be more productive by creating a list of high-impact activities to finish each day. Always work backward from your most essential to-do item to maximize results.

3. Think Small, Work Small

Do you need to keep “remembering things?” Use tools like Evernote or SaneBox to automatically coordinate with your calendar to receive notifications on anything important that is going on.

4. Provide Reflection Time

Take at least five minutes out of your day to think about what you want to accomplish. Then reflect at the end of the day to see if you learned something new. If you have a creative thought during this time, then pursue it in some way.

5. Create 100% Protected Calendar Blocks

You need unstructured time as an entrepreneur or solopreneur to keep your bandwidth strong. Jeff Bezos used to leave Monday and Thursday entirely this way to devote time for thinking about the future of his company. When the pressure of a schedule is not present, new ideas tend to pop up.

6. Change Your Workspace

Most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs organize their working areas around their computer screens or electronic devices. Although they help with productivity, this technology can also cause a tremendous distraction. Going with paper notes and lists can be quite helpful.

7. Only Fix What is Broken

There are new tools that come out every month which could offer productivity benefits. Just change something if it isn’t working for you. Sometimes it is better to stay productive than to be on the cutting edge.

8. Get Up Early

It is much easier to get work done when no one else is away because your focus can remain on each task. Even if you get up at 5:00 a.m. to prepare for the day, it can reduce your stress levels because you know that you are productive.

9. Automate What You Can

Many entrepreneurs and solopreneurs struggle with their email composition and marketing. Tools like AudiencePoint allow you to optimize your send time to increase your CTR, open rates, and conversions. Look for other options to automate processes whenever you can too.

10. Audit Your Time

If it seems like you always run out of time during the day, then perform an audit. This information will show you where your productivity levels might not be at their maximum.

11. Manage the Mind

If you wish to manage your time, then you must organize the mind. Mentally map out each task that you want to complete. Think about how long each effort will take, and then schedule these moments between your existing appointments.

12. Get into a Routine

Once you establish a productivity routine, it is difficult to break out of it. Stick to your schedule religiously.

13. Shut Down the Email

Your email tab will provide you with numerous distractions throughout the day. Even a notification is enough to cause a loss of focus. Schedule a specific time each day where you review and send messages. This same principle works for social media too.

14. Get Some Exercise

Working out will help you to manage high stress levels. The exercise you get will also inspire your mind to be creative. If you have a healthy body, then you will also have a more vigorous mind.

15. Embrace Laziness

If you tend to be a procrastinator, then embrace the desire to be lazy by seeking out more efficient ways to work. When you can produce results in less time, then there are more chances to relax.

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