Building A Profitable Content Writing Business with Kenzi Wood – AEP #11

Guest: ​​​​​​Kenzi Wood
​Company / Business name: ​​​Kenzi Writes
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Kenzi Wood is a former marketer turned blogger and she writes content for marketing agencies, SEO agencies, Fortune 200 enterprises, as well as small mom-and pop shops. Her focus is on vanquishing the demons of content marketing—one blog at a time. Her mission is to stamp out flimsy copy and increase your reader engagement, boost website conversions, audience retention, and, best of all, the business bottom line, with content designed to win.

Tools / Books / Resources mentioned:
Tools: Asana (task management), Google-Suite, Timeular (time management), Slack, Doodle, zoom

Books: ‘BadAssYourBrand’ by Pia Silva

Show Notes:

1:08 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Start doing what you enjoy and keep exploring possibilities to start a business.
Kenzi starts off by talking about how she started to blog for fun in the personal finance space, realized that she can make money by writing as a side gig, and finally took the plunge to quit her corporate job and never looked back.

2:52 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: ​Support network is key to continued success
Kenzi talks about how her husband saw the potential with her blog to start her own business and encouraged her start on her own. She also found moral support in her parents. Finally, she attended a personal finance bloggers conference and found her first customer.

5:33 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Build customer pipeline by soliciting testimonials and building a portfolio.
Kenzi gives tips on building a customer pipeline by (1) always requesting customer testimonials after each project (2) keeping a portfolio of your projects on your website. She also talks about weathering lean times by keeping personal finances in order and being financially secure.

9:10 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Be proactive about managing different aspects of business by outsourcing where necessary.
Kenzi talks about dealing with the waves of solopreneur work by outsourcing work that someone else can do better (in her case it is customer outreach) and negotiating with customers on deadlines and as a last resort to refer other trustworthy freelancers.

11:05 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Identifying key customer segments and their specific needs is essential to grow your business.
Kenzi identified her sweet spot of customers as small and medium businesses where she can translate her large company experience and provide a white glove service for her clients. This focus helped her to get lot of customer referrals.

15:25 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Enhance your productivity by selecting proven tools.
Kenzi talks about the tools that enhance her productivity. Asana for task management, G-suite for email & docs, Timeular for time management, slack/google chat for customer communication, doodle for schedules, and zoom for video communication.

18:48 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Pricing right is key as well as tracking time and expenses.
Kenzi talks about few things that she could have done better. (1) Pricing right for her services. She thinks she underpriced her services initially. (2) having an accounting software to automate tracking and expenses.

22:14 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: It’s equally important to find the right customers and not just any customers.
Kenzi talks about the need to find the right customers to work with as she thinks it is very important to find the right chemistry. She has a check list that she goes through in selecting her customers.

24:59 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Find a way to turn service business into product business that sells itself while you sleep.
Kenzi is focusing on gradually turning her service business into a product business and she mentions a book by Pia Silva called Badass your brand that inspired her.

24:59 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Confidence, Quality, and perseverance are key to success.
Kenzi says confidence and dedication to quality are two important attributes that an entrepreneur needs. She also advises would be entrepreneurs to find ways to keep moving forward.

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