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Top 10 business books for small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs in 2020

Knowledge is everywhere but getting that at the right place in a proper way is best. Here are the top 10 business books which will help you if you are running a small, medium business or you are an entrepreneur

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The 60 Minute Tech Startup is now available

When I read stories of companies like Uber, FaceBook, AirBnB getting started in a dorm room or someone’s garage, it seemed like fantasy and unreal. But when I talked to dozens of entrepreneurs for

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How To Rate And Review Podcasts on iTunes

Enter your text here... Add Content Block Steps to Rate and review podcast on iTunes Step 1:If you don't have the 'Podcasts' app on your iPhone or tablet, go to App store and download.

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How Time Management In Business Can Make or Break Your Company

Time Management, hmm. That dreaded demon. There are thousand things to do and you only have a few productive hours in a day given all those other distractions. Yes, I was there and continue to have

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