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How to Dropship From AliExpress: A Comprehensive Guide

Dropshipping is one of the most convenient ways to start your ecommerce business, but it does come with its fair share of challenges.

Thus, a guide like this one can help you overcome all hindrances.

So if you want to start a dropshipping business but don’t know how to dropship from AliExpress, let's help you out.

What Is Dropshipping?

If you are pretty new to the world of digital trade, you might wonder what dropshipping is.

Dropshipping is a retail business model where the owner doesn’t keep any inventory for sale in their store.

Instead, the store’s owner purchases the products from a third party and pays them to send the product directly to the customer. 

To summarize, in a dropshipping model: 

  • You, as a business owner, do not have to invest much capital in starting a venture. 
  • There is no need for a physical store. 
  • You don’t have to store any inventory with you. 

To run a successful dropshipping venture, you need to look for trusted sellers.

You also need to be actively present in your online store to cater to customer feedback and follow-ups.

So, even if you work as a digital nomad, dropshipping does require lots of hard work and patience.

Still, it is pretty rewarding. 

What Is AliExpress?

When you think about dropshipping from China, AliExpress rings a bell.

It is one of the most famous online marketplaces for all kinds of products.

Established in 2010, it has quickly become one of the leading ecommerce companies in the world.

From kids’ garments to men’s accessories, AliExpress is shopping heaven.

It runs on a business-to-business model and offers a mass consumer market.

Also, almost 60 million buyers shop from here and trust the quality of the products it offers.

Can I Dropship From AliExpress?

If you are looking for ways on how to dropship from China, AliExpress is the ultimate solution.

You can add the products from AliExpress to your dropship online store and set a price for each. Make sure the price represents your markup.

When you get an order, you share the customer details with the respected AliExpress seller.

You then pay for the selected item at a wholesale price.

The seller then directly sends the product to your buyer without your intervention.

With AliExpress, dropshipping from China is pretty smooth.

That said, choosing the right seller and running your online store requires lots of homework.

Is Dropshipping From AliExpress Profitable?

There are many reasons AliExpress may be one of the most profitable platforms to start your dropshipping venture.

For starters, almost all sellers on AliExpress understand the demand for Chinese dropshippers.

They are aware that most of their customers are interested in dropshipping and hence are primarily resellers.

This knowledge makes it easy for them to set a profitable price for them and you.

Also, dropshipping from China through AliExpress doesn’t require any upfront charges or fees.

You can choose to test any product without a financial commitment ruining your profits.

You are also free to use the existing descriptions and images of products for your store. AliExpress is pretty friendly that way.

how to dropship from aliexpress tips

Is AliExpress Reliable For Dropshipping?

As stated above, AliExpress is an economical medium for Chinese dropshippers

It is also pretty accessible, but is it reliable or just a scam?

Any platform, irrespective of its reputation, is safe as long as you select trustworthy suppliers.

With dropshipping, you can quickly lose a customer if your platform fails to deliver the right products on time.

For that only, you should make sure your selected seller is a reliable one.

To give your customers top-notch service, dropshipping may come out as a little tricky.

AliExpress has a very organized system to handle scam suppliers.  

However, it would help if you were very careful and attentive with choosing a dropshipping supplier. 

Here are some relevant tips that can help you do that:

  • Avoid Cheap Sellers

Don’t always go for cheap sellers. They may be selling goods of poor quality and service.

  • Check Feedback 

Always select a supplier with positive customer feedback and a large number of sales.

  • Don't Go for Luxury Products

Be cautious when choosing luxury products from AliExpress for your dropshipping store.

There aren’t many luxury brands on AliExpress, but the existing ones may be fake.

  • Choose a Responsive Supplier

Be very vigilant in your selection to avoid any mishap with the customer. You may come across several similar sellers on AliExpress.

But choose those who respond quickly, are preferably good at speaking English, and have clear information on every product they sell.

With the right AliExpress seller and an attractive product line, there is no way you can’t achieve success in your business.

Now that you know how reliable and profitable dropshipping from AliExpress is, it is about time you get to work.

Let's guide you through setting your own AliExpress dropshipping online store.

How to Dropship From AliExpress

Below are the steps you should follow to kickstart your journey as a dropshipper.

1. Make Your Store

Before anything else, set your online store. You can either take professional help or follow a YouTube tutorial to set your retail platform.

2. Choose Products to Sell

Selecting a niche market is one of the first few critical things that decide your success.

If you have no idea what niche to focus on, log on to AliExpress and look for the product categories.

From women’s fashion to consumer electronics, AliExpress has a wide variety of products on its platform, but choose the ones that strike your interest.

Once you have chosen your product category, take your time to select relevant products.

This process may feel quite overwhelming, but, it is the most crucial step in this process.

Ideally, you should select products with over 300 orders and at least 4-star ratings.

Also, items that come with epacket delivery options are economical since they often get delivered on time.

Do your due diligence as well. It is essential to check whether the photos posted by sellers are authentic or fake.

Google Image Search may help you with this job.

3. Find an Authentic Supplier

A right AliExpress supplier will change the way you deal with your customer and your business.

Follow the criteria mentioned above to select the best source for your business.

You may find the list of suppliers at AliExpress pretty daunting, but don’t rush.

Go through as many product pages and portfolios as you like until you are completely satisfied.

Also, before you book your products, don’t hesitate to communicate with the seller.

Ask as many questions as you can and clear all your doubts.

4. Add Products to Store

When you have everything above sorted, it’s time to add all your selected products to your store.

Keep in mind. It’s not all about copying descriptions or putting images from AliExpress only.

To make sure your store achieves success, you need to position it correctly.

Instead of copying product descriptions from AliExpress, create your content.

Either hire a professional writer or do it yourself but make sure the content is original and not plagiarized.

Besides, for images, take help from authentic online tools and edit them properly. Don’t post any blurred or unclear images.

It is essential for your brand image and customer satisfaction.

Also, don’t forget to price your products correctly. All products should have a price at least 50% above the cost price.

It is important to run your business and efficiently cover all marketing costs.

When it comes to customer service, make everything clear. With every product description, mention the delivery time.

On AliExpress, most sellers are China-based; hence the delivery may take longer than average.

Make sure your customers know that before they place an order.

To make things more systematic, use an order tracking app to update your customers about the delivery status.

tips how to dropship from aliexpress

What Happens When You Receive an Order?

With your store ready with all the products, what happens when you receive a client?

AliExpress dropshipping is pretty similar to all other dropshipping platforms.

Once you have booked an order, head over to AliExpress and purchase the product.

While you are purchasing, give your customer’s address and name to the seller.

Once done, the seller will handle everything else.

For dropshipping at AliExpress, it's better to let your seller know your status as a dropshipper. 

It will help prevent the seller from sending any irrelevant invoices or promotion cards to the customer.

Once your payment is approved, the seller will send the item to your customer.

You will receive an email for delivery confirmation that you can keep for your record.

Do AliExpress Suppliers Offer Refunds?

Most AliExpress suppliers do not have a refund or exchange policy.

That means you need to have your dropshipping exchange or returns policy in place.

A policy is vital to establish excellent customer service and increase customer retention rate. 

In your policy, focus on issues like:

A Failure In Delivery

If your customer doesn’t receive their order, talk to the supplier to immediately resolve this problem.

If the seller refuses to respond, have a word with your customer.

Either refund them or find a replacement for the product.

To avoid this from happening again, change your supplier for good.

Delivery of Damaged Goods

In this case, it's best to ask your customer for images of damaged products. Once provided, offer any refund in return.

Also, if you think the packaging wasn’t durable, have a conversation with the supplier to prevent such accidents in the future.

What Are the Benefits And Drawbacks of AliExpress Dropshipping?

Now that you know how the dropshipping model at AliExpress works, here is a list of some benefits and drawbacks to summarize this topic.


Here are a few good things about AliExpress dropshipping:

  • Nil Warehouse Costs

As a Chinese dropshipper, you don’t have to carry your inventory in a warehouse.

AliExpress does that for you, and this saves your rent, maintenance, and labor costs.

  • Access to a Vast Product Market

AliExpress dropshipping allows you to create a considerable product portfolio for your customers.

It also promises outstanding quality and reliable service most of the time.

  • Increases Growth

AliExpress is a platform with an unlimited number of suppliers and product categories.

If a particular product doesn’t suit your niche, you always have the option to shift to another category.

The same goes for suppliers available at AliExpress.

If your experience with a specific source doesn’t go well, you can always look for new suppliers.

Dropshipping at AliExpress promotes growth and helps deal with many business-related hindrances.


AliExpress dropshipping also has a few disadvantages, including:

  • Excessive Competition

Dropshipping doesn’t require much capital or approvals.

Hence, it is one of the most common types of business models worldwide.

With lots of people doing dropshipping, you may come across a very tough competition.

A single episode of poor service may easily divert your customers to a competitor.

  • Very Risky

With no control on delivery time or quality of products, dropshipping is a risky venture model.

You may face slow service from the seller’s side or receive negative feedback on quality assurance.

Since you do not have access to the inventory, there is nothing you can do here.

However, having an honest supplier is a blessing, as it helps solve all the issues.

Is Dropshipping From AliExpress Dead?

No, it's not. You can still make lots of profits if you know how to dropship from China.

It is a fantastic platform with some authentic sellers and vast product lines, but AliExpress lacks a quick delivery service.

And this has compelled many dropshippers to opt for other better alternatives.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in starting a dropshipping business, AliExpress is an effective platform to source your products.

It is similar to Amazon dropshipping but comes with its unique tactics.

With an attractive list of products and sellers, you can quickly become a Chinese dropshipper at any time.

When looking for ways on how to dropship from AliExpress, give the products and sellers lots of attention.

Don’t compromise on the quality of the items you want to sell. Also, select sellers with excellent customer feedback and sales.

Be honest with what you do, and success will follow.

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