tips on how do i get my business noticed online

How Do I Get My Business Noticed Online: Our Top Tips

Many new online business owners falsely believe that just opening up a website would mean that people would visit it to buy things.

While there’s no denying that a website can sell your products 24/7, the reality is some people might not even find it.

Hence, we keep getting asked by our readers "How do I get my business noticed online?"

You’ll be surprised to know that there are many ways you can do that. Some of them won’t even cost you a dime.

Let’s find out more about it below.

How Do I Get My Business Noticed Online?

To get your business noticed online, below are some things you can consider doing.

Create Social Media Accounts

You must create profiles on several major social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Before you even launch any social campaigns, spend some time figuring which social media website or websites your potential customers frequent.

Once you have an idea about that, you can create your profiles on those websites.

However, just creating a social media profile is not enough.

It is crucial that you post content regularly, at least once or twice a week.

You can take advantage of services like Hootsuite to centrally manage all your social media posting.

Focus on the Value You Provide

Your potential customers and clients do not care how great your company is; they only care about whether it can help them or not.

That means your marketing should mainly focus on the problems your products can solve and what can make your customer’s lives better.

For instance, if you are selling a weight loss product, you will need to emphasize providing better health, feeling good about yourself, or having more energy and stamina rather than the product itself.

Your clients are looking to buy products to fulfill something in themselves, so that’s what you target.

All your marketing tactics, from your email messages to social media engagement and everything in between should focus on what your potential customers need or want and how it will benefit them.

Value will not only lead to more sales. Consumers will also share these with other people, which, in turn, benefits your business.

Get in Touch With Market or Industry Influencers

You wouldn’t want to use people and they wouldn’t want to help you either if you are approaching them inappropriately.

That said, building mutually beneficial relationships with people who have a substantial amount of followers can benefit your business tremendously.

Look for people who are particularly influential and have the ear of your market authentically with something of value.

For instance, you can ask them to review your products or simply post about your products on their social media sites.

Ask Help From Close People

Ask your family members, close friends, and even employees to get the word out about your new business.

Even if you do not have too many followers on your social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook, chances are that all of your friends, family, and employees do.

Request them to follow your business on all your social media profiles and even share it on their personal profiles.

To entice them, you can reward people for sharing your social media profiles, website, or products, by giving them a referral discount, such as a freebie or 10% off on their first purchase.

how do i get my business noticed online

Do a Giveaway or Hold a Contest

Building on what we told above, everyone likes winning or receiving free products.

The best way you can do so is by holding a contest or doing a free giveaway.

This automatically attracts people’s attention to your business.

Of course, you don’t have to give away a large portion of your products or services.

All you need to offer is something that has a decent enough value that entices people and provides them something that would make them visit your website and buy your products.

Be sure that you check with the laws in your state and country when you are running a contest.

You need to ensure that you include all the necessary disclosures to legally run your contest.

You can also use a gift option by asking people to subscribe to your website.

This will give you a list of potential client’s email addresses.

This way, you can continue building trust and rapport with them.

Create a Social Media Advertisement

Ad platforms on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook give you the option to very specifically target an audience.

Of course, you have to spend money on advertising your website and/or products.

As per Facebook’s policy, you have the option of choosing between a daily or a lifetime budget.

They also offer a standard cost per thousand impressions bid and even cost per click bid.

You will need to choose what works best for you based on your budget and the reach you are looking for.

An interesting strategy would be running advertisements on your competitor’s Facebook page.

Targeting Facebook pages, such as shows and magazines in your niche, that your potential customers visit is also a great strategy.

Curate Content From Others

Searching for great and interesting content from others can also help.

Just make sure you comment and share them to show off your expertise and substantially increase your influence.

When we say curated, we do not mean copying another person’s content.

Rather, it's writing about all the interesting things you found on their page and linking their website to it.

For instance, if you are doing this for a blog, a pingback lets the content owner know that you have shared their link.

This will draw their attention to your website and hopefully even engage with you.

Alternatively, you can tag their profiles on social media sites when you are sharing their content.

Sharing social media posts is a brilliant way if you are looking to build relationships with others who can also share your content, benefitting both parties.

Make Yourself the Go-To Resource for Information

Another great way to pique people's interest in your website and become invaluable is by constantly sharing trends, news, and other top resources that your market is looking for.

This is even if it means to link or reference other sites.

The best way you can do this is by using Google Alerts or using a feedreader.

This way, you can track all the latest trends and news from your preferred resources and then sharing that information with your market.

This will not only attract people to your business but also show that you are an industry expert.

Getting Your Business Noticed Online

We hope we provided you with the answers you were looking for to the question "How do I get my business noticed online?"

Marketing your business has dramatically changed from what it was from as recent as a decade ago.

The internet and social media have completely changed marketing.

There is no way you can attract people to your business by just sending one-way messages about your business.

Your main strategy should be to engage with potential customers.

Customers want to know more about you and your company.

The more you engage with your customers, the higher the chance of them being loyal to your brand.

Most important of all, they will spread the word by telling others about your business.

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