books every entrepreneur should read

Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read: Our Top Six Choices

If you're reading this piece, it's more than likely that you are someone who is just starting with your entrepreneurial journey.

Sure, many important lessons are learned via experience, but there is also plenty of benefits that you can learn by reading.

Some view that books are becoming outdated due to the advances in technology.

However, you should not underestimate what we can learn from reading books.

Books keep all kinds of thoughts and sorts of information about someone successful or, at the very least, interesting.

You don't need a computer, phone, or other electronic gadgets to absorb their stories; just open the pages and start from there.

There are tons of books out in the market that label themselves as books all entrepreneurs should read.

For this list, though, we handpicked six books every entrepreneur should read, with a summary and other related information.

Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read: Summary and Info

Listed below are a few recommended books entrepreneurs should read that cover various aspects of the business world.

Each one provides excellent insight on how to navigate this turbulent venture.

The Decision Book: 50 Models for Strategic Thinking

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With just over a hundred pages, this book provides a guide to handling life's biggest challenges.

These challenges are making the right choices and understanding ourselves.


This book summarizes 50 of the most famous decision-making models that businesses and individuals worldwide have adapted to think and decide strategically.

The Decision Book educates its readers on developing their strategy, identifying various alternatives, and ultimately making sound decisions.

These decision-making models are presented graphically for easy absorption.

While the 50 strategies sound daunting and exciting, this book fails to cover them with intricate details.

Much of the content are summaries of other people's models, which could probably use an in-depth analysis.

About the Authors

Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler wrote the Decision Book.

Krogerus wrote for a Swiss daily newspaper, while Tschappeler is the CEO of Guzo, a communications platform based in Switzerland.

Leadership: In Turbulent Times

In any organization, leadership is arguably the most important factor to one's success or failure.

The author draws her inspiration for the book from four presidents that paved the way to America's rise as the premier economic and military superpower of the modern world.


Abraham Lincoln, Theodore, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson's impact on our world are still evident to this day.

Unlike most autobiographies for these presidents, the author chose to highlight their experiences when they first became public figures.

In that particular time of their lives, they committed numerous mistakes due to inexperience, naivety, and ego.

These three attributes are pretty common among leaders who have yet to earn their stripes.

Each of them has different personalities, circumstances, and adversities.

Still, what these men have in common is their knowledge about human nature.

While it's improbable that we will become the POTUS in the future, the experiences of these leaders could translate one way or another into your brand of leadership.

This will ultimately dictate the success or failure of your business.

About the Author

Doris Kearns Goodwin has made herself a career revolving around politics, history, journalism, and education.

She got a Pulitzer Prize on her belt for her work No Ordinary Time, which centers around Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea at the Right Time

books every entrepreneur should read


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This book attempts to debunk the mystical aura that is usually associated with creative genius.

It certainly belongs to the top books every entrepreneur should read if they have issues executing their vision.


According to this book, we are misled by the notion that creative genius comes from a select few.

The phrase "either you got it or don't" is probably the shortest way to describe this way of thinking.

The author wanted to show a science or method behind achieving business success, not simply summarizing it to creative genius.

By understanding the "creative curve," we are one step closer to reaching our goal of becoming successful.

There are four laws behind the so-called "creative genius," according to the author.

This book identifies each of them and the blueprint for reaching creative success.

About the Author

Allen Gannett founded a marketing analytics platform called TrackMaven.

Some of his high-profile clients are Microsoft, Home Depot, Honda, and General Electric.

He was recognized for his efforts, as he was included on the Forbes' 30 under 30, which is a list of the top young entrepreneurs.

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It

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Based on the author's experience as a lead international hostage negotiator for the FBI, he intends to educate readers on his view on high-stakes negotiation.


One of the main points that this book wants you to know is that compromise is the worst way to negotiate.

The real art of the craft is mastering the intricacies of the other party's responses.

Never Split the Difference reveals strategies that the FBI around the world field-tested.

These strategies offer favorable outcomes not only for criminals but also in every business, home, or just about any situation you can imagine.

From the tone of your voice up to the types of questions you ask, you potentially control how the conversation would transpire.

Overall, these techniques promise better results in business negotiations.

About the Author

Chris Voss and Tahl Raz wrote the Never Split the Difference book.

Voss is a 24-year FBI veteran and founder of the Black Swan Group, a firm that handles training and advises various Fortune 500 companies.

Raz is a journalist who won awards for his works. He is also involved in several national firms as an editorial consultant.

The 60 Minute Startup

If you're someone who wants to start a business but doesn't have the time for it, this book offers hope.

According to The 60 Minute Startup, it is possible to create a profitable business venture in just one hour of work per day.


As per the author, it is common for new entrepreneurs to be perfectionists.

They will spend a lot of time editing their logo and other minute details just to have an impeccable appearance.

However, that kind of approach is counter-productive for the author.

He states that starting small, not worrying about details, getting feedback, and making improvements should be the priority.

Overall, this unorthodox guide in doing business is utilizing agile techniques that come from software developers.

This book highlights that you should work smarter, not harder.

About the Author

Ramesh Dontha is a serial entrepreneur who consults with numerous Fortune 100 companies.

Dontha worked as a strategic planner with Intel for 17 years.

Why Customers Leave (and How to Win Them Back)

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This book points out 24 reasons customers are leaving you and how to get their business back.

By elaborating on the customers' shift to others, Why Customers Leave intends to identify problems and other related topics.


Customer experience in the digital age, according to this book, is a bankable differentiator.

With a vast array of choices, earning customers' loyalty is not as easy as before.

Why Customers Leave lays out the reasons for the recent change in the mindset and expectation of your customers.

It also explains the decisions made by companies that inadvertently drove their customers to their competitors.

By identifying the mindset of your customers and the issues with the companies' service or product, the book also tackles how to earn back their trust, which will lead them back to you.

About the Author  

David Avrin is considered a marketing pro and known as the "Visibility Coach" by many.

Avrin has earned two decades of work in the fields of marketing, PR, and strategic branding.

Books Entrepreneurs Should Read: In Conclusion

The list of books all entrepreneurs should read we listed covers different strategies about the various aspects of running a business.

Like in most lists, we may have missed some books worthy of looking at.

As we embark into the mercurial world of business, getting as much information will only reap benefits.

Applying the lessons from these books might be challenging, but that will make your eventual success tastes sweeter.

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