The 60 Minute Startup Launch -

Start Your Business in One Hour A Day and Get Your First Paying Customers in 30 Days (or Less)

Introducing The 60 Minute StartUp - A Proven system for anyone who ever dreamed of starting their own business faster, with less money, and less stress.

Launch and Get Paid in 30 days - The book identifies the most critical tasks required to launch your business in first 15 days and give you 15 different strategies to get your first paying customers - all in 30 days by working 60 minutes a day.

​No Prior Experience Required - Many people struggle with ‘where to start’. This book shows a template (that you can copy exactly) to identify your strengths, sort through good ideas, and learn to market without actually ‘selling’

Here’s How You Launch your business and get paid in 30 days - 60 minutes a day

The book follows a simple outline: Each chapter starts with the story of a successful entrepreneur, goes over how that entrepreneur accomplished that day’s tasks (ex: building a website, pricing, branding etc.), and guides you to complete your tasks by breaking them down for that day’s 60 minutes.

​The Book That Works As A Workbook To Guide You To Launch and Get Paid in 30 days - 60 Minutes A Day

​Covers the most critical steps necessary to launch a business and explains proven sales strategies - with templates - to get paying customers. Ignore all non-essential items

The Secret to Launching a Successful Business Faster Than You Ever Imagined

​​From concept to customer, all the steps to build your very own business with paying customers

​Proven templates and email samples ready for re-use

Day 1:

Don’t Start with Why, Start with What

Day 2

Creating Customers

Day ​3

​Selling What People Want to Buy

Day ​4

​Find Your Unique Value Proposition

Day ​5

​The Most Important Question

Day 6

The Price May Be Right

Day 7

​Make It Official

Day 8

​Protect Your Success

Day 9

​Set Up Shop Online

Day 10

​Money, Money, Money

Day 11

​Let’s Talk Numbers

Day 12

​An Agile Approach to Business Branding

Day 13

​The Dreaded Business Plan That Isn’t That Hard

Day 14

​Location, Logistics, Launch

Day 15

​It’s Time to Launch

Day 16:

Your Customers Are in Social Media Groups—Are You?

Day 17:

Buy Your Own Customers

Day ​18:

​When Customers Compete to Work with You

Day ​19:

​As Featured In

Day ​20:

​Turbocharge Your Referrals Using Social Media

Day ​21:

​Ninja-Like Conference and Trade-Show Marketing

Day ​22:

​The Premier B2B Sales Engine

Day ​23:

​Want Customers? Borrow Someone Else’s

Day ​24:

​Fill Job Vacancies without Going Back to a Cubicle

Day 25:

​Going Where Your Customers Already Are

Day 26:

​Bartering—The Oldest Way to Get Customers

Day 27:

​Proving Your Product2

Day 28:

​Teach Customers to Buy from You

Day 29:

​Trade Services for Experience

Day 30:

​How Passionate Are You?

Get Your High Paying Customer in 1 Hour

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