Building A B2B Software As A Service Company To Help Retain Employees with Vivek Kumar – AEP #33

Guest: ​Vivek Kumar
​Company / Business name: ​​​​​​​​Qlicket
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Vivek is the founder of Qlicket, an application platform that diagnoses the drivers of avoidable employee turnover and gets employees bought in to the best solutions to reduce the turnover. Vivek Kumar completed his MBA from University Of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and worked for couple of years in Management Consulting and couple more years in private equity. After 4 years in NY, Vivek had a calling that he has to make an impact in this world and decided that high tech industry is where he is going to make an impact. He moved to silicon valley and worked with a company that sold advertisements for free wireless in public places before his current venture.

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Show Notes:

Why talent retention is a big problem and employee turnover is expensive for businesses and how Qlicket is helping solve that problem.

Qlicket captures first-line feedback from employees about their concerns and addresses them as soon as possible to resolve issues.

Vivek goes into details on how Qlicket pivoted and iterated many times before it found its current growth model. Key finding was that you don’t need a fully developed product but need working prototypes to drive customer discovery conversations.

Vivek talks about the importance of resilience and how being resilient helped him from keeping the company afloat since 2011 before actually driving the growth they looked for in 2018.

Vivek talks about his own journey from a business school to investment banking to consulting to silicon valley to India and back to the US. His key findings through all these churns are to fail fast, learn from stumbles in a non-emotional way, and relying on supporters & collaborators.

Vivek goes into details on how he got first paying customers by targeting conference attendees, sending cold emails, following up with face-to-face meetings in a very targeted way. A combination of multiple strategies but in a targeted way.

Vivek’s advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on customers want and not what you find interesting, assess failures objectively and learn, and keep focusing on growth.

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