Starting a Business: Solve a personal problem to build a profitable business – Tara Langdale Schmidt – AEP # 4

Guest: ​​​Tara Langdale Schmidt
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​Tara Langdale Schmidt is the inventor of the VuVa Neodymium Vaginal Dilator, a pelvic therapy device that has helped over 22,000 women world wide. She also helps customers find the correct physicians and pelvic floor physical therapists in their area if needed.

Show Notes:

1:22 Minute Mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Find a solution to a problem to build a business for the long term

Tara talks about her personal health issue related to pelvic pain and how it led her to find a solution. Her business was borne out of her own need to find a solution to a vexing health issue.

4:56 Minute Mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Take the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property rights and obtaining customer feedback.

Tara talks about the initial steps on how to start a business. As her business deals with physical products with intellectual property, she had to go through the steps of patenting (provisional and non-provisional) which is somewhat expensive and also uncertain. She also talked about the clinical trials and making of the product with injection molds. The initial rave feedback from the trials gave her confidence to proceed after 18 months.

8:00 Minute Mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Tap into your network and you’ll find at least one person who believes in you.

Tara talks about how to be an entrepreneur and how to finance the company. She started her business in Florida. She tapped into her network and talked to Rob Smithson who owned a printing company. He believed in Tara and bought into the company as he knew other people struggling with similar problems. He introduced Tara to other people in his network and she got the necessary funding needed.

11:13 Minute Mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Use Guerilla marketing techniques when traditional marketing & advertising is unavailable

Tara talks about the challenges of marketing and advertising for her company’s products. Even though the products help women address real health issues like sexual health issues and vaginal atrophy, social media companies like Facebook, Instagram etc. restrict her company from using retargeting ads and images of her products. Even though it’s still problem, Tara is using guerilla tactics such as podcasts and informational content to get through these challenges.

14:19 Minute Mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Pricing and Distribution of your products are two very important decisions for any business

Tara thought she could get her customers by going through OBGYN physicians but she found that physical therapists dealing with women having pelvic pain are the best resource. She also talks about pricing the product fairly and how she didn’t listen to the advice she got from other men about pricing the product high.

17:56 Minute Mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Entrepreneurs need motivation and your support network will provide you that motivation

Tara talks about the sacrifices she had to make in starting the business such as quitting her college midway and the health issues she had to deal with and how she persevered through all these challenges. She also talks about her parents support throughout and how her mother’s business background helped her.

21:57 Minute Mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Your AHA moments may not always be solutions but problems themselves may be the AHA moments.

Tara has an interesting take on ‘Aha’ moments of breakthrough. She talks about how her challenges are her ‘Aha’ moments. The Aha moments of discovering that physical therapists understand women’s pelvic pain problems better than ObGyn doctors and advertising challenges related to her product.

25:52 Minute Mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Key entrepreneur tips are to patent your ideas and think through differences related to selling physical products such as shipping etc.

Tara gave some really good entrepreneur tips. She emphasizes the need to protect your ideas by patenting. She also talks about thinking through specific challenges related to shipping physical products such as weight, customs etc.

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