How To Grow Any Business with Collaborator, Podcaster, and Entrepreneur Tanya Fox – AEP # 36

Guest: ​​​​​​Tanya Fox
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​Speaker, Collaborator, Podcaster and Serial Entrepreneur, Tanya Fox has owned businesses from retail to service to franchise. She now spends her days helping others to discover the fun in business and how to retrain how they think about failures.

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Tanya’s entrepreneurial journey started at a young age of 11 with a lemonade stand and apart from a 2.5 year stint in the corporate world, it restarted with an accounting firm after college.

Tanya talks about her specialization which is to look beyond the numbers. As an example, her keynote speeches focus on ‘firing  a bookkeeper who doesn’t ask business questions.”.

Tanya expands on her journey with stints in a bread making company (along with her husband), a Taekwondo studio etc. At one point, they had 5 simultaneous businesses but they made sure that they never start 2 businesses at the same time.

Tanya talks about one of her popular keynote speeches ‘I am Tanya, and I am a failure’. The genesis for this was her conversations with other business owners who focused on failure a lot and not enough on the learnings from these failures.

Tanya talks about people who inspired her starting with her mom who started her own business in her sixties. Her social media coach for 10+ years, Ashley inspires her as well. Tanya also talked about the 5:00 AM club.

Tanya talks about 3 major attributes of successful people she has seen over the years coaching. (1) They embrace their fears (2) They are willing to reach out to others with expertise (3) They have inner confidence in themselves.

Tanya’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to collaborate (and look at that as competition) a lot and reach out for people with expertise that you don’t have.

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