Bridging Social responsibility and profitability with Transformpreneur and bestselling author Shel Horowitz – AEP # 18

Guest: Shel Horowitz
​Company / Business name: ​​​Going Beyond Sustainability DOT COM.
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Show Notes:

01:43 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Your passion leads the way to your business. Be passionate. 

Shel talks about the beginnings where he and his wife started a movement in their local rural community to stop a private developer from building a large development against environmentalists’ concerns. He used business principles and marketing to make the movement effective.

06:00 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Environmentally sustainable business and a profitable business don’t have to be separate things.

Shel talks about how he coaches business owners to make money and save money while transforming their business into a sustainable business. He mentions some great examples like Patagonia, Ben & Jerrys, Rocky Mountain Institute which have been very successful in being a sustainable business while making profits.

10:00 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Keep growing your business by finding new growth areas. Always think of possibilities. 

Shel talks about how he started as a freelance magazine writer and started a term paper typing service which grew into resume prep service business. That business evolved into Press Releases and Marketing copy writing business.

14:39 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Use variety of techniques to build your customer pipeline: Networking, blogging, speaking.

Shel talks about the customer pipeline building process. He uses a combination of techniques such as a gratitude journal on Facebook, blog posts, speaking engagements etc. Many of his clients are either referrals or people who found him through organic google searches. Sometimes, he prospects by going to networking events.

21:50 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Be proactive about having a social impact with your business. 

Shel talks about being proactive to have a social impact with their business. He says it is just a matter of time that customers will ask about your business impact on the society, so be prepared. Shel also advises that it is not difficult to be profitable while having a wider social impact.

27:56 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Focus on costs while building a business. Prioritize customer engagement and interactions.

Shel gives advice to would be entrepreneurs that they should have a razor focus on cost savings in startup mode. Also, outsource where it is possible economically so you can focus on priority items. Keep your customer engagements very personable and engage with them so they can be repeat customers.

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