Coaching Women to Trade Foreign Exchange (ForEx) – Girls Gone ForEx – With Robyn Mancell – AEP #32

Guest: ​Robyn Mancell
Company / Business name: Girls Gone ForEx
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Robyn Mancell is the Co-Founder and Mindset Coach for Girls Gone Forex, an online trading academy that teaches women across the globe how to trade in the foreign exchange (Forex) market.

 Before the Forex business and the nonprofit, Robyn was self-employed for over twenty-five years in almost that many industries. After her divorce in 1990, she left corporate America, going from stable, salaried nine-to-five employee to a commission-only entrepreneur. All while raising her children as a single mom.

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Show Notes:

What is ForEx business? Why is it interesting?

How Robyn got into Foreign Exchange investing and how she met her co-founder.

Details on how Robyn and her co-founder used Facebook to start a contest to recruit first 15 or so women out of hundreds of applications for their first course and used social media to track their progress.

Robyn shares details on how started multiple businesses over a period of 25 years spanning from restaurant business to insurance sales to ladies fitness center.

Robyn’s motivation of ‘being afraid of not doing new things’ as opposed to ‘being afraid of doing new things’.

Robyn’s observations on characteristics of people who do well in her classes as well as life. #1 is mindset. People who can focus, persevering, and not quitting. People with a drive and purpose and not looking at failures as failures.

Robyn’s reflections of things that she could have differently. 1. Connect with mentors early on 2. Be willing to listen to people with more experience.

Final advice to aspiring entrepreneurs; 1. Just go for it. 2. Have a network of mentors, supporters, and collaborators. 3. Don’t look at failures as failures but as learning lessons.

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