Identifying Technology Trends with Serial Entrepreneur Rob Ross

Guest: Adrian Blanco
Company / Business name: ​Think Smart Incorporated
​Business website URL: ​​https://ThinkSmartInc.com

Rob Ross is the President of Think Smart Incorporated, an application hosting company in the cloud catering to Optometrists and dentists. Rob started his first company building personal computers from computer parts imported from abroad. After selling his first company before his 20s, Rob started his second company to manage infrastructure and networking for medium sized companies and rode the internet growth. Rob identified Cloud computing as the next big thing and started his current company in the early 2000.

​Show Notes:

Rob talks about starting his company when he was still in his teenage years and how he moved out of his house and lived in the office to get the company going. His company was assembling personal computers from imported parts just when the personal computer was revolution was picking up steam.

After selling his first company, Rob identified the trends towards outsourcing of computer infrastructure and networking and started his second company. In late 1990s, just when the internet craze was at the peak, Rob was able to sell his company and was sitting on multiple millions of $ on paper. As the internet bubble burst, Rob saw all his ‘millions’ vanish but still was sitting on decent profit.

Just when Cloud computing was taking off in early 200s, Rob started his 3rd startup, Think Smart Inc. hosting applications in the cloud for optometrists and dentists and other small businesses.

Rob shares his experience building businesses from scratch and the ups and downs of hiring people, firing people, and dealing with tough customers. Rob also shares his views on the next technology trends (extreme personalization of services) and how to ride the next wave.

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