Connecting Real Estate Professionals with Amazon Alexa – Nishant Pant

Guest: ​​​​​​​​​Nishant Pant
Company / Business name: ​​NEO Local Agent
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​Nishant Pant is a serial entrepreneur and his latest venture is NEO local agent, an application that connects real estate agents with customers using platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Prior to NEO local agent, Nishant built Trip Karma, a ‘uber’ like app for local carpools and vans. Nishant is an eternal optimist and passionate about technology.

Show Notes:

Nishant introduces his startup ‘Neo Local Agent’ which puts the real estate agents a voice command away from their clients by establishing a communication channel  via Amazon’s Alexa. With approximately 4,000 real estate agents already on the network, the NEO Local agent is gaining popularity.

Nishant is a serial entrepreneur with his first startup built a knowledge base around local restaurants, parks etc. on iphones early on while the iphone platform was catching on. Even though that startup had 84,000 users and was catching on, Nishant couldn’t monetize it for various reasons. One reason was that competition caught on very quickly.

Even though Nishant has been doing all his ventures as side hustles, he said time was never an issue as he was very passionate about all his ventures. Even though not all of his ventures did not take off, Nishant believes that his optimistic attitude carries him through. Secondly, he believes that success is nothing but a series of failures.

Nishant talked about ideation and vetting initial ideas through some sort of customer adoption filter and secondly working to make sure that there is decent adoption by users. Even if there is no monetary exit, Nishant felt satisfied with user adoption like his app called trip karma which was a uber for local carppols and vans.

Nishant worked extensively with media to get recognition for NEO local agent. He selected relevant real estate media and sent very customized messages to get his app recognized. After one breakthrough, 200 agents signed up for his app and that lifted his platform.

Nishant gives few pieces of advice. (1) Entrepreneurship is hard so be very passionate about it (2) Always tell your story. Don’t think people will discover (3)

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