Building a Comprehensive Financial Solutions Business with Nicole Landau – AEP #12

Guest: ​​​​​​​Nicole Landau
​Company / Business name: ​​​​Landau Consulting Solutions
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Nicole Landau, owner of Landau Consulting Solutions, specializes in helping construction business owners gain control over their finances by increasing profit margins and streamlining their accounting function. She also provides financial coaching to small businesses who want to gain clarity on their financial situation.

Show Notes:

2:09 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Rely on your network to find your first paying customers
Nicole talks about starting her business as a side hustle while working a full-time job and as the mother of a newborn to have a flexible life. She talks about relying on her network (a colleague) to find her first client and specializing in construction industry (which she has personal experience of having built couple of houses) to differentiate herself.

5:38 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Rely on your network to find your first paying customers
Nicole takes us on a step-by-step journey of her registering her company, getting her license etc. which took a very short time. She talks about defining her offering, figuring out marketing, marketing messages took little bit of extra time.

7:59 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Extend your traditional offering to grow your business into new areas.
Nicole details about the specialization of services in her business like complete payroll/accounting outsourcing for construction businesses and consulting / coaching for new businesses in financing & accounting to help them grow.

10:59 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Find ways to connect to your customers on a personal level to earn their trust.
Nicole has an interesting angle about establishing herself as a trusted advisor in what is typically a male-owned businesses. She says many of the wives handle the finances & accounting in these businesses and Nicole could relate to them and become a trusted adviser.

14:03 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Tap into your local chamber of commerce network and/or create your own network to grow your business.
Nicole talks about her motivation (which is her daughter and her family), her support network (coach identified by local chamber of commerce), and a specialist coach in her own accounting industry that helped her scale her business. She also talks about the network she built with other business-woman-moms.

18:01 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Don’t procrastinate and start investing in networking.
Nicole gives 3 tips to would be entrepreneurs (1) Just start doing it (2) Networking is huge (3) Take time to invest in sales and building a customer pipeline

21:17 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Keep learning to grow your business and be an empathetic leader.
Nicole talks about some key personality characteristics of successful business owners she works with. (1) They invest in themselves to learn from experts (2) Takes care of his employees (3) Repeat customers because they love working with him

22:41 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Specialize in profitable areas and select good customers to work with.
Nicole talks about some challenges such as specializing in profitable services and focusing on ideal customers as opposed to any customers. She mentions that it is key to let go off bad customers as they will be a drain on the business.

24:42 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Focus on cash flow.
Nicole gives advice to entrepreneurs to focus on cash flow to survice in business.

27:30 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Find a coach. Network. Start doing it.
Nicole gives parting thoughts on finding the right coach in your own industry to grow the business, be hungry about networking, and not to be afraid to jump in.

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