Building a Naturopathic practice from scratch with Dr. Michele Wilkerson Raithel and Justin Raithel

Guest: ​Dr. Michele Wilkerson Raithel & Justin Raithel
Company / Business name: ​​Revolutions Naturopathic
​Business website URL: ​​https://Revolutionsdocs.com

Dr. Michele Wilkerson Raithel is the co-owner and CEO of Revolutions Naturopathic and Justin Raithel is the co-owner and Operations Manager. Together, they have built Revolutions Naturopathic from scratch into one of the largest naturopathic businesses in the west coast. When nobody really understood what naturopathic practice was all about, Dr. Michele went about educating the community and patients and collaborated extensively with other businesses and local Chamber of Commerce to build her business.

​Show Notes:

Dr. Michele Raithel explains what naturopathic practice is all about and how her local community did not have a clue about this method of healing patients in a natural way when she started out.

To overcome the lack of knowledge, Michele collaborated with other businesses such as physical therapists, chiropractors, and also local Chamber Of Commerce to network and educate patients as well as other businesses. To help her with operations and business aspects, her husband Justin joined her full-time as well.

 Justin and Michele talk about the ups and downs of building 2 facilities, hiring the staff to grow in 2 different areas, and the challenges of building a business. They also talk about the decisions they had to make to scale as opposed to staying as a one doctor practice.

The Raithels talk about pricing, decisions on accepting insurance or not, and the process of building pipeline of potential patients starting with one member of the household. They also talk about social media and how they used it effectively to grow along with their extensive community activities.

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