Interview with Technology Startup coach and Top Business podcast host Manuj Aggarwal

Guest: ​​​​​​​​​Manuj Aggarwal
​Company / Business name: ​​​​​TetraNoodle Technologies
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Show Notes:

Manuj started his company in 2000 with a different name - Spider Communications – as a technology services company and had his first paying customers quickly from his network of contacts he made over the years. As 2008 was a tough year for many companies, Manu adjusted his company focus and additional streams of revenue.

Manuj wanted to differentiate by doing couple of things (1) getting uptodate on the latest technologies (ex: Blockchain, Machine Learning etc.) (2) Being very focused on the target markets which in his case is early stage startups.

Manuj made sure that his company filled the gaps between legacy technologies and latest technologies as companies struggled during that transition because of skillset gap etc.

Regarding his personal journey, Manuj got his first break when a training institute opened in his home town. During this time, Manuj also turned to spirituality to overcome depression and anxiety. He realized that having the proper mindset is an absolute must to overcome challenges and make the breakthrough.

Manuj advice is to (1) Learn about marketing and sales early on (2) Focus on longer term in addition to short term challenges (3) Be agile and nimble to adjust quickly.

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