Building A Full Service Entertainment and Technology Agency with Larissa Lowthorp – AEP #29

Guest: ​​Larissa Lowthorp
​Company / Business name: ​​​​​​TimeJump Media
Business web site | ​LinkedIn​ | Instagram | Facebook

​Larissa Lowthorp is the founder, president of time jump media, which is a full-service agency that works in the entertainment industry. She's a designer, technologist, a screenwriter, emerging director and producer.

Tools / Books / Resources mentioned:

​Tools: Freelancer (Mac), Quickbooks, Canva, Pixabay, Pexels.Com

Show Notes:

Larissa Lowthorp started out as a consultant and freelancer offering her services to the entertainment industry in various roles as a screenwriter, designer, and technology and worked for 12+ years before she started a full-fledged business. 

Larissa talked about how she is building her current business by using referrals from her past life as a consultant. Larissa also talked about the challenges of switching from being a freelancer to a full fledged business with having to take decisions on type of corporation and number of sites needed.

Larissa talks about the importance of mentors and in her case the huge role played by her mentor. Larissa also talked about the significance of life events which were up and down and how they motivated her to pursue her entrepreneurial path. Larissa also talked about her mother and sister being great supporters of her work.

Larissa advises aspiring entrepreneurs to not have fear hold them back. Even though the overall entrepreneurial journey is overwhelming, takes it in bits and pieces.

Larissa talks about some important tools: Freelance on Mac is a good project management tool. Quickbooks is great for accounting. Larissa also mentioned stock photo sites like pixabay and pexels.com that she uses.

Larissa talks about some areas she’d have worked sooner. Being assertive and believing in herself much earlier than she did. Larissa is careful about  screening the customers and being firm when needed.

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