Building Businesses with Business advisor, coach, and author Joellyn Sargent – AEP #14

Guest: ​​​​​​​​​Joellyn Sargent
​Company / Business name: ​​​​​​Claravon Group LLC
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Show Notes:

2:46 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Never give up. Keep looking for the right opportunities.

Joellyn talks about her entrepreneurial journey where she is now on her 3rd business having started her first business when she was 26. She has applied all her learnings from her first ventures along with her corporate experience in marketing. The mortgage industry meltdown few years ago provided her the needed motivation to start her 3rd venture.

5:45 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Keep investing into the business during its formative years.

Joellyn explains the experience of getting her first customer from outside her network and how it gave her enough confidence to jump right in. She talks about the need to invest into the business and how she kept investing in mentors so she could expand her consulting business instead of just doing projects like website design etc.

9:06 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Strategically quit projects when they are not working out to keep reinventing yourself

Joellyn talks about the first two years of roller coaster ride with her business and how she has weathered them. She talks about what she called ‘strategic quitting’ where one should entertain strategically quitting few projects or engagements if they are not working out.

12:52 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Don’t be afraid to fire bad clients

Joellyn etalks about the need to find right customers and not any customer as bad clients ‘breed bad clients’. It is important to ensure that you are happy working with the right clients so the entrepreneurial journey is worthwhile.

14:17 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Entrepreneurial journey is about personal growth and self-discovery and not just about freedom and income.

Joellyn explains the characteristics of business owners who succeed. They are (1) introspective (2) open minded (3) desire to grow (4) indulge in self-reflection.

17:29 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Keep refining your target customers to find your ideal set of customers

Joellyn talks about the sweet spot customers who are business owners who either are starting out or on their second or third journey. She also wants to consult with business owners whose business may have been going well for some time but now has slowed down.

22:59 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Reflect on what you want to do that customers will pay for

Joellyn wants would-be entrepreneurs to think about 3 things on their way to a successful journey (1) Is this what you want to do? (2) Would customers pay for what you want to do? (3) Are you in this for the long term? The scariest part of your journey is when you quit your day job so you should be ready for that with these answers.

24:58 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Reflect on what you want to do that customers will pay for

Joellyn reflects on her experience and gives advice to balance between brand building and revenue. As an example, her focus on speaking engagements (where she was not paid) were not a path to revenue in few cases and she says she should have cut down those kinds of engagements.  Joellyn talks about the amazing but scary journey of being an entrepreneur and encourages all to do it instead of sitting on the sidelines.

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