Starting A SEO Business to Train Small Businesses to do SEO for themselves with Janet Elie – AEP #10

Guest: ​​​​​Janet Elie
​Company / Business name: ​​Launch4Life LLC
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​Launch4Life, started by two sisters Janet Elie and Gillian Whitney, helps small businesses learn to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for themselves. Janet has over 30 years in the Financial Services Industry in marketing and management, coupled with 5 years of intensive dedication to online marketing and social media applications. Janet has coached and trained small business owners on how to adapt to the social media world.

Tools / Books / Resources mentioned:
Tools: Camtasia, Mailchimp, Acuity (bookkeeping), Paypal, SEMrush, Asana (project management), zoom

Show Notes:

1:03 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Don’t be afraid to go against the tide to define your business.
Janet introduces her business which trains small businesses to do search engine optimization (SEO) for themselves. It is an interesting concept because most other SEO businesses actually do the SEO.

4:02 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: First start your business and then iterate the business to find the right direction.
Janet talks about the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship. She wasn’t happy with her corporate life, attended a Tony Robbins conference, and decided to take control of her life. Even though she started with helping insurance agents find better prospects, she evolved her business to train business owners to do SEO for themselves.

7:55 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Define your customer ‘Avatars’ with specific details on their pain points, dreams, and aspirations.
Janet talks about her target customers who are little bit tech savvy, in their 40, 50 and may be 60s. Janet found that customers who are not tech savvy turned out to be nightmare clients.

9:05 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Building a customer pipeline is key for a sustainable business.
Janet talks about building customer pipeline by going to conferences, building an email list, and relying on referrals. The large conferences can be intimidating but help in building email list.

10:29 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: It takes at least a year to get going so don’t expect overnight wonders.
Janet talks about the first three years of her entrepreneurial journey where the first 6 months were about tweaking her web site. It took one year to stand on their feet and a good amount of 3 years to find a solid ground. During these 3 years, they kept tweaking business model and website design.

13:16 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Finding a reason to stay motivated is very important.
Janet talks about her motivation and drive to keep going. She thinks about the alternative of either being a couch potato or go back to work neither one is appealing.

16:45 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Use tools sparingly and wisely to build and grow your business.
Janet lists all the tools that they use in their business. The tools are listed at the top but Asana for project management, Acuity for bookkeeping are couple of new tools that were not mentioned on the show earlier.

19:52 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Focus on knowing your customers, competitors, and marketing your offer.
Janet gives 3 specific tips for prospective entrepreneurs. (1) Do your market research to find out if your idea is a viable business (2) Study your competitors to differentiate your offerings (3) Business is 20% product/service and 80% is marketing.

23:02 minute mark:
Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Email list is key. Quality over quantity for long term success.
Janet talks about few things that she would right if she were restarting her business today. (1) Building an email list from day one (2) Focus on quality blog articles over quantity (3) Create some free online courses to give free value.

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