Building A Coaching Business With Transformational Coach, Desiree Crowley – AEP #31

Guest: ​Desiree Crowley
​Company / Business name: ​​​​​​TimeJump Media
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Desiree Crowley is a transformational coach, visibility strategist and speaker for women coaches ready to expand their exposure and scale to six figures in their online coaching business. She helps women create a stand out presence online so that they can bust their visibility fears, stand out as the premium expert in their field, and create six figures and beyond!

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Desiree Crowley starts off by explaining what a transformational coach does which is coaching entrepreneurs to transform their mindset to be more confident and be more visible. She also talks about certification programs in this space.

Desiree’s entrepreneurial journey is a typical journey where she took the opportunity of being laid off to learn all about digital marketing , blogging etc. She finally believed in a coach and her program to invest $5,000 and spent all her spare time on her business.

Desiree started a facebook group and ran a challenge ‘level up your beauty’ to encourage women to go on video. She built her mailing list to 500 but didn’t get any paying clients. She invested in another coach which finally resulted in $12K or so in few weeks.

Even though Desiree’s entrepreneurial journey had ups and downs, she believes that every step that she took (even where she failed) was necessary for her to get to where she is now. She learned from each one of those steps.

Desiree believes that being consistent is key to grow your personal brand. Even though her first lead magnet was a bust, Desiree learnt and improvided and continued to grow the list. Her business is about putting people in front of the camera with video.

Desiree believes that being imperfect is OK. Success is all about the habits and rituals you do every day.

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