Building A Global Content Marketing Business with Alwi Suleiman – AEP #27

Guest: ​​​Alwi Suleiman
​Company / Business name: ​​​​Content Market King
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​Alwi Suleiman is the founder of contentmarketing.com. He specializes in content marketing for small businesses and has helped many small businesses become relevant to their audiences since 2009.

Tools / Books / Resources mentioned:

 Tools: Google Analytics, SEMRush

Show Notes:

01:00 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Differentiation is key especially in competitive industries.

Alwi introduces his company ContentMarketKing.Com and how it differentiates from other content agencies by making sure that his clients are relevant for their audiences.

06:05 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Getting the first customer is key. Try unique ways to snag that initial one.

Alwi explains how he got his first customers in a unique way when he started his business. Alwi searched through job boards for available jobs and applied for a few. When the first company rejected him, he proposed to them that he could work as a freelancer. And the company accepted the proposal as they were growing very fast.

11:14 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Keep chasing your dreams. They will come true.

Alwi goes over his very unique background. Born in Mombasa, Kenya, Alwi worked as a cement mixer when he was 15, got that job full time at 21, bought a second hand car, bought a mud house and rented for extra cash. After a brief stopover in Dubai, Alwi ended up in Netherlands, went to college, and got a job to get started again.

16:10 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Extend your reach by networking.

Alwi talks about how he runs a global company by networking with other freelancers across the globe. He also gives a glimpse of some tools he uses. Google Analytics and SEMRush. But more importantly Alwi teaches his clients how to be smart about the content and its objective.

21:22 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Pricing is an art. Keep iterating to find the right price for your business.

Alwi explains how he prices his services. He starts by comparing to competition. Based on the additional value he is delivering, Alwi prices his services 10 to 15% higher and makes sure that exceptional value is delivered.

24:52 minute mark:

Agile entrepreneur takeaway: Start your business by doing adequate research.

Alwi gives 3 pieces of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. 1. Do your research. 2. Make sure that your vision and mission are aligned to your operations. 3. Learn operations like bookkeeping.

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